Chemo port Insertion for Chemotherapy


A chemo port, also known as a chemotherapy port, is a form of implant inserted beneath the skin of patients receiving chemotherapy through an intravenous line. This little device makes easy bloodstream access possible. Chemo ports are frequently used to administer chemotherapy, deliver transfusions, draw blood for analysis, and inject total intravenous nutrition.

How Does Chemo port Insertion Work

Chemo port implantation requires a small incision and is an outpatient procedure. During the procedure, the patient will be under local anesthesia. The area where the port will be installed is first cleaned and numbed. The catheter is then threaded with the help of a large needle that has been inserted earlier. The port, which stays either inside or outside the body, is where the catheter is connected. The needle is taken out after the port has been properly positioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is chemo port insertion painful?

In the area of your chest, a local anesthetic is administered. This reduces the pain and discomfort caused by the procedure. When this port is accessed to draw blood or administer chemo, the initial poke may sting a little, just like IV insertion.

2. How do I prepare for port placement?

Six hours before the surgery, avoid eating anything. However, up to 4 hours before the port insertion, you can consume beverages like clear juices or black coffee. Wear comfortable clothing that is simple to take off and put on.

3. Can I shower with a port?

Yes. Chemoports are extremely simple to live with. However, it is important to be careful until the incision heals. Once the incision heals, you can perform any activities you want, including showering, swimming, etc. There will be no bandage required.

4. How can I sleep with a chemoport?

If you have your chemoport inserted on the left side of your chest, then you should sleep on your right side and vice versa. Since you can have pain at the port site, you may have to avoid sleeping on your stomach for the first few nights. Avoid sleeping with your arms raised as this can pull the port and cause pain.

5. What are the benefits of getting a port?

  • Ports minimize the need for frequent needle sticks and enhance comfort for patients.
  • It reduces the risk of extravasation or leakage of chemo drugs to surrounding regions.

6. Who is the best doctor for chemoport insertion in Bangalore?

You may consult Dr. Satish C, an expert surgical oncologist in Bangalore, for chemoport insertion. 


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