Podcast- 27 :Know Your Risk Esophageal Cancer Prevention Strategies | Dr. Satish. C | Surgical Oncologist in Bangalore

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Empower yourself with knowledge in this episode of Let’s Talk About Cancer as we delve into esophageal cancer prevention strategies with Surgical Oncologist in Bangalore.

Dr. Satish will guide you through understanding your risk factors for esophageal cancer.

The episode will cover:

  • Understanding Esophageal Cancer: Gain a clear picture of this type of cancer and the different risk factors associated with it.
  • Identifying Your Risks: Surgical Oncologist in Bangalore, Dr. Satish will explain common factors like diet, lifestyle habits, and underlying conditions that can increase your risk.
  • Taking Control: We’ll explore actionable steps you can take to potentially lower your risk of esophageal cancer.
  • Early Detection is Key: Learn about the importance of recognizing warning signs and the value of regular screenings.

By understanding your risks and taking proactive measures, you can play a significant role in esophageal cancer prevention.

Tune in and take charge of your health!

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