Podcast- 24:Take Charge of Your Health Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month

Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon in Bangalore

Join Dr. Satish on this episode of Let’s Talk About Cancer as we dive deep into Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month!

Dr. Satish will be empowering you with knowledge about:

  • Understanding Head and Neck Cancers: We’ll explore the different types of head and neck cancers and the areas they can affect.
  • Recognizing the Risks: Dr. Satish will discuss the common risk factors associated with head and neck cancers, helping you identify areas for potential prevention.
  • Knowing the Warning Signs: Learn about the symptoms to watch out for and the importance of early detection.
  • Taking Charge: Dr. Satish will provide actionable steps you can take to reduce your risk and promote early detection.

This informative episode is designed to raise awareness and equip you with the knowledge to take charge of your head and neck health.

Tune in and empower yourself!

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