Podcast 13: Thyroid Cancer(Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention)

Thyroid Cancer(Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention)

Thyroid cancer has been affecting thousands of people worldwide. It is important to understand the symptoms and seek professional help at the earliest to prevent the complexity of the disease. Discomfort in the neck, the abnormal occurrence of a lump, or difficulty in swallowing food are some symptoms that denote thyroid cancer. There are certain diagnosis procedures like ultrasound and biopsy that are effective in detecting thyroid cancer. While thyroid cancer is not always preventable, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and visiting a doctor for regular checkups, the risks related to thyroid cancer can be reduced.

In this interview, Dr. Satish C will address a few important questions that will make you aware of the condition of thyroid cancer. The questions are-

  1. What are the common symptoms of thyroid cancer that individuals should be aware of, and when should they seek medical attention?
  2. What are the diagnostic processes for thyroid cancer, (including imaging, biopsies), and other tests conducted?
  3. What preventive measures can individuals take to reduce their risk of thyroid cancer, especially for those with a family history or other risk factors?

Through this podcast, gain awareness about Thyroid Cancer Treatment in Bangalore from Dr. Satish C. and remember to take adequate care of your health.

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