Podcast- 22: Second hand smoke

In an episode of Let’s Talk About Cancer, Dr. Satish explores the impact of second-hand smoke, unraveling its dangers in simple language. He addresses questions like: – How does exposure to smoke increase the risk of developing various cancers, including lung cancer? -What measures can individuals take to protect themselves from the harmful effects of […]

Podcast-19: Lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of developing pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in Gottigere

Embark on a journey to reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer with insights from Dr. Satish on the Let’s Talk About Cancer podcast. In simple terms, Dr. Satish discusses practical lifestyle modifications, addressing questions like: – How can a balanced diet contribute to lowering the risk of pancreatic cancer? – What role does regular physical […]

Podcast-18: How immunotherapy is changing the landscape

Immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment, and Dr. Satish explores this groundbreaking approach on the Let’s Talk About Cancer podcast. In simple language, he delves into questions like: – How does immunotherapy work to combat cancer cells effectively? – What sets immunotherapy apart from traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy? – What are the potential side effects […]

Podcast-16: Common symptoms of pancreatic cancer and the challenges in its early detection-02

Diagnostic Processes and Effective Detection: The interview outlines essential diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound and biopsy that play a pivotal role in the effective detection of Pancreatic cancer. Dr. Satish C explains the significance of these processes, offering clarity on the steps involved and their role in providing a comprehensive understanding of the condition. Listeners […]

Podcast-15: Common symptoms of Stomach cancer and the challenges in its early detection-01

In a world where stomach cancer affects numerous individuals globally, understanding its symptoms, seeking timely professional help, and adopting preventive measures are crucial for mitigating the complexities associated with the disease. Stomach cancer, though not entirely preventable, allows for risk reduction through a combination of healthy lifestyle practices and regular medical checkups. Identifying Symptoms and […]

Podcast 14: Radioactive Iodine (RAI) Therapy

Radioactive Iodine (RAI) Therapy

Radioactive Iodine (RAI) therapy is used to treat thyroid cancer. The thyroid gland has the superpower of absorbing iodine. Hence, the radiation through the therapy destroys the cancerous cells and ensures that the adjacent regions are safe. RAI therapy may show various side effects like dry mouth, pain in the neck, or changes in taste […]

Podcast 13: Thyroid Cancer(Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention)

Thyroid Cancer(Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention)

Thyroid cancer has been affecting thousands of people worldwide. It is important to understand the symptoms and seek professional help at the earliest to prevent the complexity of the disease. Discomfort in the neck, the abnormal occurrence of a lump, or difficulty in swallowing food are some symptoms that denote thyroid cancer. There are certain […]