Podcast- 24:Take Charge of Your Health Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month

Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon in Bangalore

Join Dr. Satish on this episode of Let’s Talk About Cancer as we dive deep into Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month! Dr. Satish will be empowering you with knowledge about: Understanding Head and Neck Cancers: We’ll explore the different types of head and neck cancers and the areas they can affect. Recognizing the Risks: […]

Podcast- 22: Second hand smoke

In an episode of Let’s Talk About Cancer, Dr. Satish explores the impact of second-hand smoke, unraveling its dangers in simple language. He addresses questions like: – How does exposure to smoke increase the risk of developing various cancers, including lung cancer? -What measures can individuals take to protect themselves from the harmful effects of […]

Podcast-20: Overview of diagnostic methods for stomach cancer

Dr. Satish sheds light on stomach cancer treatment on the Let’s Talk About Cancer podcast, providing a simple overview of crucial methods. In these talks, he addresses questions like: – What are the common symptoms that may prompt diagnostic investigations for stomach cancer? – How do imaging techniques, such as CT scans and endoscopy, contribute […]

Podcast-17: Different treatment options for stomach cancer

Discover a wealth of information on cancer with Dr. Satish on the Let’s Talk About stomach cancer Cancer podcast channel. In these engaging talks, Dr. Satish simplifies complex concepts, addressing questions like: – What are the common signs of cancer that we should be aware of? – How does early detection impact the chances of […]

Podcast-15: Common symptoms of Stomach cancer and the challenges in its early detection-01

In a world where stomach cancer affects numerous individuals globally, understanding its symptoms, seeking timely professional help, and adopting preventive measures are crucial for mitigating the complexities associated with the disease. Stomach cancer, though not entirely preventable, allows for risk reduction through a combination of healthy lifestyle practices and regular medical checkups. Identifying Symptoms and […]